• Agriculture 2
  • Economics 0
  • Personal 2
  • Air quality 8
  • Education 0
  • Safety and Security 26
  • Astronomy 1
  • Encyclopedic 0
  • Soil condition 9
  • Automotive 1
  • Financial 0
  • Sports 2
  • Biology 4
  • Geographic 1
  • Transporation 0
  • Chemistry 0
  • Industrial 3
  • Utilities 7
  • Demo 6
  • Mathematics 0
  • Water 1
  • Diverse 38
  • Noise level 0
  • Weather 10

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    Easy Data Mining for your Enterprise

    DasData can help your enterprise to easily find anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes in order to increase revenues, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks and more.

    Upload CSV Historical Data

    Historical CSV Upload

    From paper forms or other manual entries you can easily upload existing any data archive in CSV file. Bring your data together and continue your data collection using webforms.

    Connected Data

    Connect Live Data

    Connect any sensors streaming data and store by using API sample code into Visual Studio, NPM or any other tool. You have multiple secure dataset channels directly in your account.

    Data science analytics

    Data Science Storage

    While stored you can keep private or share it with others, navigate in table grids or discover trends. Import into Jupiter notebook, build your data science projects in minutes and discover new patterns.

    Temperature data will automatically stored and shared online in your Quarantine profile
    Data science directly from your living room.
    Detect human face details, store detection results in into cloud data storage.
    Adapt your green house environment based on live monitoring conditions.
    Build an invisible shield for pedestrians designed as an extra safety measure
    Ticket instant validation using sockets to/from central database cloud system
    Das Starter Kits