• Agriculture 2
  • Economics 0
  • Personal 2
  • Air quality 8
  • Education 0
  • Safety and Security 30
  • Astronomy 1
  • Encyclopedia 0
  • Soil condition 14
  • Automotive 1
  • Financial 0
  • Sports 2
  • Biology 223
  • Geographic 1
  • Transporation 0
  • Chemistry 0
  • Industrial 3
  • Trial 10
  • Climate 10
  • Mathematics 0
  • Utilities 7
  • Diverse 38
  • Noise level 0
  • Water 1
  • We're DasData

    DasData is the solution for businesses who need to bring their data together in one place. With DasData, you can easily access, manage, and analyze your data to make better decisions for your business.

    Business as usual

    Collecting and preparing data is often one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of data science. A recent study by O’Reilly found that data scientists spend around 80% of their time on data preparation, data cleaning, and data integration. This is in stark contrast to the 20% of their time that is actually spent on analysis and modeling.

    This is a significant waste of time and resources. By preparing data in a flexible and centralized manner, businesses can reduce the amount of time and effort spent on data preparation, and allow data scientists to focus on more important tasks.

    One way to achieve this is through the use of sensors and forms. Sensors can be used to collect data from a variety of sources, while forms can be used to collect data from business users. This data can then be stored in a central location, where it can be accessed and processed by data scientists.

    The use of sensors and forms can help to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on data preparation, and allow businesses to take advantage of the benefits of data science.

    Storing data from any source, forms, and IoT devices in the same place.

    Allows for flexible data input

    Businesses can easily capture data from any source, whether it’s a form, a sensor, or data collected from IoT devices. This data can then be easily accessed and analyzed by data scientists to help improve business performance.

    Data is centralized and easy to manage

    All data is stored in the same place, making it easy to access and analyze.
    This also makes it easier to comply with data governance and security requirements.

    Always up-to-date

    Since all data is stored in the same place, it’s always up-to-date. This is especially important for data collected from sensors and IoT devices, which can change rapidly.

    Used for a variety of purposes

    The data collected from forms, sensors, and IoT devices can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, business intelligence, and product development.