• Agriculture 3
  • Economics 0
  • Personal 2
  • Air quality 8
  • Education 0
  • Safety and Security 30
  • Astronomy 1
  • Encyclopedic 0
  • Soil condition 13
  • Automotive 1
  • Financial 0
  • Sports 2
  • Biology 70
  • Geographic 3
  • Transporation 0
  • Chemistry 0
  • Industrial 3
  • Utilities 7
  • Demo 10
  • Mathematics 0
  • Water 1
  • Diverse 38
  • Noise level 0
  • Weather 10
  • We’re DasData

    Our mission is to offer tools that will get faster insights from everything that you measure with seamless integration effort.

    DasData can help your enterprise to easily find anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes in order to increase revenues, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks and more.

    Affordable end-to-end medical remote monitoring solution of patient vitals and influence by the indoor air quality.
    Corofence - Quarantine Check
    Build your own real-time thermal vision device to detect unwanted visitors at your door.
    The Living Plant
    This plant engages into conversations, monitors environment conditions and learns about data science.
    Face detection
    Detect human face details, store detection results in into cloud data storage.
    Green House Filisera
    Learn about the green house environment using connected sensors and control soil humidity or air conditions.
    AntiCollision SPACS
    Invisible shield for pedestrians designed as an extra safety measure in case of collision or vehicle malfunction.
    Ticketing System Access
    Ticket instant validation using sockets to/from central database cloud system
    Das Starter Kits