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  • DasData API

    NuGet Package

    Open Visual Studio and run the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console.

    Install dasData

    PM> Install-Package dasData

    This package contains methods of sending and getting data using DasData platform. DasData is secure and reliable way to store and share datasets using HTTP services in between several clients and applications. DasData is like a distributed database with json/xml capabilites.

    Send data

    Get data


    Purpose HTTP Verb URI
    Receive or Poll data GET https://dasdata.co/get/{JSON/XML}/s/{DS_KEY}/from/{X}/to/{Y}
    Send a data POST https://dasdata.co/a/?d={DATA|ELEMENTS}&s={DS_KEY}&a={USR_KEY}

    The highlighted fields are described below. They are needed for URI configuration.

    Field Description Format
    get format to return data json/xml json
    s dataSet key a09075165g-2f343fe-485a-8276-02574c41c94
    a user key bf082e44-7945-48b5-8016-8b94365ce8d2
    from where to start dataset 0
    to where to end 100
    dfrom date interval from where to start dataset 10.04.2016
    dto date interval from where to end dataset 24.04.2016
    cf custom field to query title
    cv custom value my value

    NPM Package

    npm install @dasdata/platform

    NPM Package of DasData DasData helps you store any kind of data that you can measure. You can fill your channels with forms, applications or get live sensors data in one single place.

    Reference Dasdata.ddl control

    To send and receive into DasData is simple.

    Save dasdata.ddl into your computer and create reference into your Visual Studio Project.